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It’s likely you can benefit from a belief tune-up if you are

  • highly driven and goal oriented
  • working hard and putting in the effort
  • willing to do whatever it takes
  • wanting to provide the best care for yourself as you grow and expand

If you are going after it but you’re not feeling the same level of energy or motivation as you use to and you feel like you should be further along in reaching your goals, you might be slowing yourself down needlessly. If You feel like your are back pedaling a bit and you are ready for a change but you’ve run out of ideas, this is the perfect time to get in touch and discuss ways to get you back on track. 

You have choices: You can create success in your relationships, in your health and in attracting abundance. It is all possible for you when you decide to seek out new ideas, new ways of doing things and new ways of perceiving. Big shifts begin with the desire for things to be different.

Neurons in the brainTogether, we can literally re-wire your brain, by creating new neuro-pathways. Step by step, we change your beliefs until they actually match what you desire. 

It is essential that your unconscious buys into life affirming beliefs in order for you to create the results you are working toward. Here are just a few examples:

I am good enough,

I love myself,

I do my best and my best is good enough.

You can say these and think you believe and hold these to be true but we aren’t 100% sure until we test your body for results. 

When your beliefs match your desires, you have the ability to create what you want in life. When they do not, self-sabotage, self-doubt or overthinking can come into play.

Here’s the thing: You are not consciously aware of these limiting beliefs.

To quote Brene Brown, “Those that believe they deserve love and belonging in their lives are the ones that get it.” According to her research it’s the belief that one deserves the love and belonging that determines wether they have it or not. Now, are you getting the picture? It’s the beliefs that drive our thoughts that drive our actions that get us the results we get. 

Is there something wrong and you can’t put your finger on it? It may be your subconscious mind doesn’t align with what you think to be true. 

Another thing, your body could be speaking to you. The warning signs are showing up. It’s time to listen to your body if you:

don’t feel rested even after a full night’s sleep, 

if you don’t have the energy or motivation to exercise or eat as well as you’d like, 

or your patience is non-existent.

If you feel like you are pushing yourself uphill and what used to be easy becomes a task or chore, you may be fighting an uphill battle and this is using a lot of excess energy and time. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs and you are under stress, you could use a belief tune-up. 

Weight Gain
Food cravings
Low energy
Food allergies
Heightened sensitivities to sounds
Brain fog
Loss of passion
Loss of sex drive
Lack of performance
Heightened stress levels
Strained relationships
Blocks to Abundance

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Working with Ramona you get clearer and more aware of the choices that you make. By stepping fully into your personal power you have the ability to make positive changes in your life and the live’s of others.