More About Ramona

Ramona knows…
Thoughts matter.
Feelings matter.
What you are creating is all a matter of choices.

Ramona’s unique credentials allow her to work with clients to create a powerful road map to the levels of health, joy and the abundance they deserve. Working with Ramona, you get clearer and more aware of the choices and personal power you have to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others.

She combines ancient wisdom with the latest findings in neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavior modeling to facilitate her clients’ ability to increase congruency by matching their actions with their desires.

Clients appreciate Ramona’s willingness to listen, share and guide them to increase their ability to lead from the heart without judgment. She is excited to facilitate sweeping change for those that are ready for it today.

Discontent with society bombarding us with how we are lacking in some way, Ramona is driven to make change possible in a unique and positive way. She guides people to develop trust in their intuition and their decision making. She works as a facilitator, and let’s you identify what’s best for you. YOU are empowered and taught the skills to do what is in your best interest and in the best interest of the highest good for all.

What makes the work so powerful is the unique combination of Ramona’s background along with her innate talent for seeing what is and for getting to the heart of a matter. She uses tools to facilitate shifting beliefs at a subconscious level that have been scientifically validated for effectiveness. This exciting field of psycho-neuro-immunology (neuroscience, psychology and immunology) is opening up a whole new level of healing to us on both a physical and a psychological level. She also includes time tested (over thousands of years) traditions such as a combination of Reiki, Huna and other ancient healing traditions.

There is more -Ramona is also a professional mBit coach. mBit stands for Multiple Brain Integration Technique. This is a cutting edge technology that combines Positive Psychology (science based) as well as Cognitive-linguistic and Behavior Modeling. These tools are designed to tap into your greater wisdom and abilities to create happiness in a world that is changing rapidly. Too rapidly for must of us. Right now Scientific knowledge is catching up with insights from esoteric and spiritual traditions that have been guiding us and allowing for transformation within us for thousands of years. The results speak for themselves and Ramona’s clients’ success stories are endless.

Ramona is talking to the ‘seekers and doers’. You are willing to do whatever it takes, you are willing try new things to get the results you want, you seek deep understanding about your own patterns and your intentions are to heal, to transform and to bust through whatever stops you from your next level of success. You are open and ready to have healing and clarity and the confidence to move forward. If your intentions are to go within conventional and unconventional routes, it’s all good and in total alignment with what we’re doing at Enjoy with Ramona. If you are open to new possibilities to unfold, working with Ramona can open up the door. You get to step up and walk through it.

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