Ramona knows…
Thoughts matter.
Feelings matter.
But what you are believing is what creates your reality.

In order to change your thoughts and feelings that drive your actions you have to have the right beliefs. Once you change your beliefs anything is possible.

Ramona is a Psych-K facilitator; PSYCH-K has its roots in neuroscience, psychology and immunology and uses a combination of Reiki, Huna and other ancient healing traditions. It also has elements of the latest science made available to us in neuroscience and positive psychology.

There is more – Ramona is also a professional Multiple Brain Integration Technique coach. mBIT is a new field and combines positive psychology (science based) as well as NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming. Whether you are familiar with these modalities or not, it doesn’t matter. The results speak for themselves and Ramona’s clients’ success stories are endless.

Discontent with society bombarding us with how we are lacking in some way, Ramona is driven to make change possible in a unique way. She creates a space where people develop a trust in themselves, so they can identify what’s best for them. Bottom line – you are able to do what you were not able to do before.

Proof is in the transformation.

blue butterfly

If you feel like you have two oars in the water but are rowing in different directions, you have conflicting beliefs. Are you ready to have both oars rowing in the same direction? In order to stop self-sabotaging behaviors once and for all, uncovering your subconscious beliefs is key.

Ramona is talking to the ‘seekers’. You’ve tried everything and you are not getting where you want to go. Conventional and unconventional routes, you’ve done it all. Ramona opens the door to the change you want – but you step through it.

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