Why Forgiveness? Why Acceptance?

What does it mean to forgive?

Forgiveness is a nominalization (a disguised verb), which makes it sort of inaccurate when we say we get or give forgiveness. We don’t. We can’t hold it in our hands, or pass it around. It’s an action as in we do “forgiving.”
To be forgiving of yourself is important. We know how unhealthy it is to hold on to resentment towards others, yet we forget, we must also be forgiving of ourselves. Whether it is one event, some small act that goes against what you ‘should ‘ be doing, or a hold era of your life, we must release and let it go. Instead of being mad at, having anger toward or holding resentment in our hearts, try this exercise for “On demand heart and brain coherence.”

Sit up tall and breathe deeply until you can feel your torso fill more space.
Close your eyes if you can.
Breathe in love and compassion.
Breathe in peace, love and acceptance.
Exhale with your mouth open blowing out air, exhaling and releasing, for some it will be making a sound, maybe a light or a heavy sigh. You may find you have already put your hand on your heart. If you haven’t yet, do that now.
Continue with the breathing, holding your heart on your hand and thinking of love and compassion towards yourself, or someone that needs forgiving by you. Notice when you feel better, your mood is easy and you feel lighter. Be grateful for this moment of loving and connecting with your heart.

When you are in this state, your heart will send out positive vibes that can be measured, literally. These feelings provide increased healing for your body and you will have a positive affect on those around you.

Why start with acceptance?
In our pursuit of optimum health and success, we can be determined to apply action without getting into the space of “I am not enough.” Try ways of applying action without being mad at yourself, instead, be curious, and in a state of openness and willingness to receive. Get inspiration from loving where you are. Your odds for success are much higher when you are in the mood to receive with love and acceptance.

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