“My sessions with Ramona have profoundly changed how I am showing up in the world or at least how I feel about showing up! Before my time with her, anytime I stood in front of people or was even in a group, I heard this recording in my head that played over and over and said, “They don’t like you!” It affected my friendships or lack thereof and definitely my confidence speaking in front of others. After my session with Ramona, I actually hear an encouraging voice saying, “They like you, they are liking what you are saying, or they want to be with you!” It’s been a wonderful profound change that is affecting my business and my social life! I would highly recommend Ramona.”

Carla Puentes
Owner, Facilitator, Communication Coach
Life Bridges, Texas


“I was so thrilled to work with Ramona Beville on some of my blocks. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just noticed Ramona’s presence. She always seems peaceful and present with a huge smile on her face. What happened when I did my first session was a pleasant surprise. As we moved through the process, phrases just “popped” for me. I was shocked at a couple of the topics. After taking time to identify the blocks, we just moved through a release process. I felt so peaceful afterwards. What was really fun was to notice things open up for me in the weeks following the first session. I was inspired, taking action, and getting so much done. I even had unexpected money land in my mailbox. Super fun to experience this work, I highly recommend it.”

Laurie Z
Petaluma, California

“I just love working with Ramona. She helped me to bring the fun back into my business by reminding me that hunkering down over my computer isn’t attractive to me, my potential clients, or my bank account. There’s a better way. She also helped me ferret out unconscious beliefs I didn’t even know I had. Boy, was that an eye-opener. Work with Ramona. Let her help you get out of your own way!”

Jill Hendrickson
World’s #1 “Writing as a Tool for Healing” Mentor for Divorced Women
Fresno, California

“Things have been happening for me. The clouds have lifted. It’s clear. It’s my time and I am not going to stop until I reach my goals.”
CFO, Engineer
San Jose, California

“It’s been a life-changing experience to work with you. More and more I realize that it is absolutely essential to speak my truth.”
Massage Therapist, Esthetician
Bend, Oregon

“I want you to know how much of a lasting impact you’ve had on me. I really truly enjoyed our sessions and am changing my focus in coaching a bit because of them. You were so integral in helping me form a congruent coherent message, I want to share you with others.”
Strengths Coaching

“I am standing up for myself. I have you to thank for that. I see the relationship as less of a drain. I see what I want to do with my life. I am able to put energy now into creating money and moving forward in by business and in areas of my life that are important to me.”
Fashion Designer
Bay Area, California

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