Be drama free and practice self love, it’s important to your health and well-being.

I am here to add value to your life. Please tell me what you struggle with, what you celebrate and would love to see more of and what you are curious about. My expertise is in creating a life worth loving. For some that means living in maximum health, joy and abundance. For some it means being more creative, more open, more willing to experience new things. What does living a life worth loving mean to you? Are you able to accomplish all you set out to do or do you find you get in your own way sometimes? I am the only one that will see a response to my newsletter from you. Please be assured, you have the utmost privacy in any communications with me.

No drama please.
At some point we have to give up the idea that we have to get the approval of others in order to carve out the life we love and desire. Times are changing so fast we cannot expect people to understand where we are coming from. Everyone is at a different point in their own personal evolution and in their need to deal with changing times.
Where the old paradigm is still working for some, we may feel some heat coming from them as we shift to new paradigms. We may feel like we are getting less support, and less acceptance when our perceptions do not match up to their perceptions. To reduce the drama and tension on our part: instead of going to war with their paradigm we must act with as much compassion as possible.

Knowing that people who care deeply for us want us to be healthy, happy and to prosper, we don’t have to get them to see things our way in order for us to succeed and thrive in our new paradigm. We don’t need to be right and to try to convince others to break out of their beliefs and paradigms to be in harmony with us. We can be empathetic and meet them where they are. Of course, in some cases if they bring up so much fear and doubt in us and become outright abusive in their expression of their concern for our difference in opinion, then, we may have to lessen our exposure to them so we can accomplish what we need to. Do try to allow for others to catch up with you, or have their own difference of opinion. Give yourself and others the room to grow without demanding that everyone see eye to eye on everything.  

The best cure for doubters of course is massive success, so stay the course. Get guidance on how to recognize your own limiting beliefs and patterns and learn how to shift and transform them to support your personal journey in this ever-changing environment.

Why loving yourself is NOT ‘self-centered.’  
We are in it to win it. We are not in it for ourselves, we are in it to uplift others, we are making room for more love in our lives, we are told time and time again, loving yourself is where it’s at.

When we are overflowing, we have more to give. When we come from a place of depletion and we try to give more of ourselves, we create unhealthy relationships, unhealthy bodies and we are in a word, exhausted. If you ever find yourself living like you are pushing a bolder up a hill, please stop. No one will benefit from this self-defeating behavior in the long run because you will be out of energy to give and to share your best self. No one wins when you get so tired you find yourself suffering chronic stress, pain, weight gain and even find yourself yelling, yes, acting out of character because you are tired.

Reach out to me if you are heading in that direction or think you need to re-access, I have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight on the issue of pushing oneself. I spent a few years recovering from fatigue, and in that time, there was a whole lost less of me to go around. I like it best when I am energetic and when others get to benefit from my good mood, my generosity and my “loving myself” practices!

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