Driven to make a difference? When would now be a great time to begin?

Unlimited Woman Success Empowerment Luxury Cruise

Women business owners, don’t miss this chance to luxuriate in community while getting access to Dr. Anita Jackson. If you haven’t been to one of her trainings, let me assure you, this lady is the bomb. Dr. Anita Jackson is a heart led entrepreneur and empowers women to own their message and their marketing plan while connecting you with other women who are soulful, compassionate and sharing their unique gifts and talents in the world. During this fun, fabulous and educational event you will rejuvenate and ignite your self confidence and raise your wealth consciousness and give your self permission to become the woman, wife, mother, friend, expert, leader and speaker you were meant to be.
I’ll be giving a work shop on decision making using your multiple brains. After all: in the words of Tony Robbins:

“Decisions shape your life more than conditions.”
This is a powerful quote. Even if you’re not a woman business owner, you will want to write this down. Put it up where you can see it to remind you daily of the actions you can take, or the attitude adjustment you have the power to implement.

Here’s the information on the cruise coming up in March, 2017

I got this download through grief.  
Have your been grieving lately? Underneath all the shouting and complaining is a deep seated need to be loved and to belong and the FEAR of not being seen or heard, or worse, of being insignificant.

What is the cure for all this fear and separation?
I don’t know but I do know what I am driven to do. I am driven to take a closer look at what it means to be a woman to me. What it means to be a woman, a leader, a contributor instead of a stand by-er.

Here is what has come to me in the past several months:

  • Be willing to explore
  • Be willing to look at deep desires and come alive from working to fulfill them
  • Apply action where needed
  • Sit and wait patiently where needed
  • Know what it means to ask for support, get support, and to support others.

It’s time for community
It’s time to think bigger and act on your ideas. Think globally.
Find a group of people and their cause(s) to support. Put your energy into standing up for what you believe in, for what you value.”
Are you driven to make a difference too? Are you ready to

start a tribe or join a tribe, be a leader or to seek a leader?

If Yes, Start Now.

Take action and build something that is important to US.

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