Live a new life starting in 2018

You have complete control of your destiny. You can, with a bit of consistent effort, and the right knowledge, remove the blocks that keep you where you are.
Are you ready to make this new year different than all the years before?
What if I told you – you could keep all the great aspects about yourself, in fact, you can amplify them while you learn to de-program all the bugs that have kept you from reaching your next level of success?

I don’t just mean success in the terms of a business or in finding love (you can find that within your reach too) but with all the parts of your life. By looking closely at the bits that you struggle with you can effectively change the habits and the ways of thinking that put you in that struggle mode.

If you have that little voice pop up that says that you are not good enough, wouldn’t you like to be able to smile and lovingly send it back into silence?

Removing your own self sabotaging actions is possible with the right tools.

Are you ready to cross those bridges that seem impossible to cross?

If yes, I am here to let you in on a secret: you have the power, you may not have the exact know how, but you can obtain it and put it to work for you.

How fabulous would your life be if you could learn all about getting out of your own way?

Are you ready to love your life more wonderously, get out of your own way and create the life you dream of?

Good news, for the new year, I am offering a group program. This is a program that has been put together by my mentor, Grant Soosalu. He is deeply committed to delivering content that embeds and changes your life. I have been taking his certification programs for 5 years and have upgraded my life in so many ways and have guided countless clients to upgrade their life as well.

If any of you have contacted me, you know I usually work one to one only. This journey that I am offering you is like no other, and it is designed to be a group program. Grant is an NLP master trainer, he is the co-creator of mBraining, the multiple brain integration technique and he has advanced degrees in Physics, Psychology and he’s an expert in Behavior Modeling and Positive Psychology. There are a lot of people who teach neuro-hacks now, since we have recently discovered that we have neuro-plasticity, it’s so popular and cutting edge. In fact what we are learning and teaching is not even in the text books yet.
Because these mind techniques are real, they cut through the conscious right to the unconscious, they are affective in adjusting your beliefs and you behavior.

The key is in sorting through all the folks out there offering transformational work is to find someone that you admire, that walks their talk and enjoys life and lives like you want to live (and is not interested in manipulating you).

As you get the download on how to create your own life worth loving, you are in fact getting rid of the blocks not only for yourself but for those in your life. This is what we call entrainment in the Neuroscience world. It means what one does affects another, it is part of human nature. We came out of the womb mimicking and needing to be liked. On top of that, we didn’t have the means to fend for ourselves, being ‘like-albe’ was of utmost importance to our survival so it is only natural that we take on the traits of the people we spend time with and we tend not to rock the boat when it comes to sharing our brilliance, our greatness and we have all these blocks that keep us from breaking out of the ordinary.

As a certified facilitator of Loving Your LIfe, I will be delivering to you the content that has changed my life and has enabled my family to be balanced, happy, and to prosper under adverse conditions. (Anyone ever experienced early start up mode and then not get off the ground? We moved 6 times in the last 5 years, we invested money, we walked away. That was stressful but we not only survived, we thrived and we are continuing on that path of making a difference, doing something that is huge in scale and we never would have even thought it possible without tapping into the resources in this program.) There are more resources here than you will consume in our time together but that only means you will have life enhancement tools to tap into for years. Yes, years.

We are starting a group program in January, and we are hoping for 1/2 dozen people to join in. Once we start, your commitment to follow along and participate for all of the mind blowing belief busting, life enhancing sessions, will be the key to getting all that you need to get out of those ruts that keep you where you are.

You will be getting on track to fulfilling your dreams and desires with every session we have together and there is optional homework if you want to use the additional resources offered to you through this program.

Since this is a group program, it is in your best interest to bring people along to learn along side you. Generative learning is the best way to learn, and it’s scientifically proven. This means you get together in groups and share a bit of what you learned and share your insights and areas of personal achievement. This is more effective than just reading and listening to lectures or working with yourself.

Hit reply if you are ready to get in on this program or need more information. In this program, you will be able to neuro-hack your life and add a bit of magic to your everyday.

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