Mindset Hacks for Making Every Day a Great Day.

Get important life hacks here that will increase your confidence and charisma on the spot.  Apply the latest findings in neuroscience in simple ways now.
“Mindset Hacks for having a great day every day”
Having trouble manifesting what you desire? Here are steps to start implementing right away that will help re-wire your brain and allow you to tap into the power you have to create a new reality.

 1.  Focus on what you want and speak in the positive. You may be resisting the opposite of what you want so much that the focus and attention on NOT having that brings it to you. When you define the job or business or relationship that you want, say what you want, not what you don’t want. There is law (and is backed up by the quantum physics and quantum entanglement) that says we attract what we think about most, what we focus on most. By focusing on what we don’t want, we just might get it.
2.    Make time for play. Spend time away from creating your goal and do things that bring you joy. Let the incubator of life process your actions, your intentions and feed the goodness to you. We want to be open to receiving new input and implementing what we haven’t tried before. If we are just focused all the time on what we think is going to bring results, we may be missing something in the peripheral that is working in our favor. We need to be able to step away and be willing to accept that magic happen, and be open to recognizing synchronicity.
3.    You can work towards your goal, little by little, have small breakthroughs and keep the trajectory going. Often our goals are big and overwhelming and we don’t really know what steps to take, so we freeze. This is where trajectory comes in handy. Have a plan and act on it.  Do something every day, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you, you will survive the day. You are creating movement toward your goal (and increasing your ability to do the things you fear doing) instead of freezing.
 4.   Stick with decisions that you have made. If you’ve made a decision to do something new, then do it. Don’t torture yourself by going back and forth. and please don’t let your mind chatter talk you out of expanding your potential. *

4.    Have you ever decided to do something, to venture somewhere, to invest in a relationship or a class or program, something that you have never done before only to talk yourself out of it? The term stuck in a rut is literal here. We have neuro-pathways and we like to use them to stay safe and to save time and effort, like when we take the highway instead of the side roads when we are in an unfamiliar city. The side roads are the path less traveled and there are unknowns and it may take more mental focus to get to your destination and it may be scary. But that is only the first few times you go that route. You begin being comfortable with the new route as soon as you have done it a few times. This is how you can grow new pathways in your brain and get out of a rut, let yourself try new things and don’t over think or your mind will talk you out of it!

    *If you’ve checked in with your self whole heartedly, trust your self. For those interested in checking with your multiple brains to come to the best decision on a particular topic. I’d love to walk you through the mbraining process. It’s like having a board room of wise people looking at the decision to be made except you are checking in with your head, heart and gut, so you don’t need an outside source to help you come to the best decision for you and for the highest good for all. Just reach out and we will set up a time to get together over skype.

Begin managing your state by noticing it.

I am excited about the work that I am doing . I am teaching clients to call on a relaxed state when problems are arising. Why is it important to do this work now?

Because you train your brain in a state of non-emergency to deal better with a crisis.

Please don’t want to wait until things are in an emergency state and decide, now, its time to train my brain. That’s like deciding to lose weight or get fit on the day of the class reunion for the class reunion. It’s not going to happen, you are where you are on that day. If you are interested in training your brain just reply to this email and we will set up a time to talk.

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