Practicing receiving can lead to miracles.

Dear ramona, 

 Things are getting real! We are holding our first retreat for women leaders that includes “stay-overs!” Women in attendance will be moving from dreaming to doing. This retreat is in Ojai, California, just 1/2 hour inland from the Pacific Ocean. You know we would not be this close to it and not visit it. What we have planned: up-leveling your success, transforming traumas and creating community. You will leave rejuvenated and motivated to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. We are slowly letting the information out, looking for the women that fill the bill perfectly, in other words, that will benefit most and will be the most fun! If you have not received a personal invitation and are interested … just hit reply and ask for details.

Practice makes easier, not perfect, but most definitely, easier

heart-drawing-girl.jpg By breaking up old patterns, you can create new neuro-pathways. You might think of this in terms of movement, or participating in a sport or dance, but think of it in terms of small every day actions too. The tiniest of responses can lead to the creation of new neuro-pathways. 
For increasing abundance in your life what you want to do is start receiving. It can seem uncomfortable at times, but see if you can listen to the discomfort, ask it what message it holds and if you mess up a little (by blocking the receiving) you will get another chance soon. Practice accepting with grace and ease the next time around. Here are a few simple ways to receive: 
  1. Say thank you. Period. When someone compliments you: don’t say “THIS OLD THING?”…or, “I didn’t have time to complete that to my liking,” no, It’s just “THANK YOU.”
  2. When someone offers you help: TAKE IT. It’s not that hard to let someone hold the door open for you, move a chair, carry something or even come and fix something for you, right? I know we are all independent, but this is practice, remember? JUST say THANK YOU, graciously, and accept help. 
  3. When someone offers to buy your lunch, a drink, a coffee, or even wants to give you a gift: ACCEPT IT. TRUST ME, these MUSCLES will come in handy. You want to be able to accept the windfalls in life, right? Then, start with the small stuff. LET THEM LET YOU pick the movie, pick the dinner place, ride in the passenger seat. YOU GET THE GIST. Now go and practice and tell me about your progress, I cannot wait to hear from you.

    This is just the beginning.
A thought to contemplate: “
When you seek healing, place no thought on the illness (for you would not wish to multiply that) but love that which is well until it multiplies and overtakes that which was lacking in health. This is the miracle of gratitude: it multiplies whatever you appreciate. This is why it is so important when giving, that you give with love. In that way, you multiply the gift. You can multiply and expand anything. With enough love, one thing becomes the many.”
Love Without End. Glenda Green, P. 227
My dream is that you EnJOY a Life worth living, every day. Thanks for receiving my best wishes for you! 

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