“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

The season for giving is here! Giving you to others, giving stuff to others, giving more than you are comfortable giving in the name of a fabulous time, memory or event. All this has it’s place of course. I am not denying that. But as I am the one that has to turn everything typsy turvy and on its side, I am here to speak to you and remind you about being generous towards your self.

Over the holidays, no doubt you will find ways to give to everyone in your life, to show appreciation and gratitude and share loving moments. You will likely share and give to those you don’t even know.  In the spirit of holidays you will participte, meet, greet and engage in activities soley for the purpose of being in JOY. It is a great time to be appreciative and kind to others.

Now is the time to pause, right here and now, I urge you to make a list and refer to it often in the next three weeks. Put it somewhere prominent in a place you visit often. This is not a shopping list, this is not a to-do list, this is a “how I am generous to myself list.”

Step one: Entitle the list “Gifts for me,” “Extreme Self-care.” or “How to stay sane in the madness,” whatever moves you. Now start writing, don’t think too much, just put stuff down that you love, that would make you feel nourished and at ease and that can contribute to your sense of “I deserve to receive my love too.”

It can include but is not limited to: a hot bath, go to bed early, sleep in, go to the gym and don’t be in a hurry, stay for a steam bath or a soak in the hot tub, play soothing music, visit nature, enjoy being alone to curl up with a good book, allow myself time to draw, color, paint, dance.

You get the idea? Stuff you love, stuff you are inspired to do for you, the one that you love, and stuff that gets you out of the cycle of always being productive, constructive and in charge.

Step two: Now promise me, yourself and a friend, “I will refer to this list when I feel the need to, I may be stressed, I may be tired, I may just want to carve out a little bit of time for me today but I will use this list here to remind myself that self care is important, and I will do something from that list at least once a day for the next three weeks.”

Get a friend involved and send them this newsletter so you can be accountable to each other. Now tell them when ever you practice self care and let them know how much you enJOYed it and benefited from it, OK? They should be getting a text or a phone call or e-mail from you everyday (or I should) for the next three weeks. That is 21 days. Keep youself accountable, using your calendar or journal also, so you can see what you have done for you. That is not too much to ask, right? Do it for you, do it for them. Do it for your health, peace of mind and sanity!

I thank you, your inner child thanks you and anyone that you come in contact with over the next three weeks thanks you!

Now go and enJOY your beautiful S E L F!

Love, Ramona

February 16- 21. 2017. Pebble Beach, CA

I have a surprise for you. Come February, I suspect it will be the perfect time for you to take a break and get rejuvenated and re-fueled! Come and play, awaken your inner child, transform beliefs that get in the way of achieving your next level of enjoyment in life.

Join us for this awesome experience with other women leaders. It is time to let your hair down, have some fun and transform. You will be given the tools

  • to release any negative reactions to past traumas
  • for getting into the most creative and productive states ever
  • to bathe yourself in abundance, joy and ease
  • to make a difference in the world with your unique talents and skills
  • to enhance your life everyday with extreme self care

ALL while connecting with other women leaders

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